01 | 09 | 2020


Since the 1990s, Dicaf has taken the path of respecting environment and biodiversity, obtaining the certification for the production of organic coffee the requirements of which, combined with the high traditional standards of Dicaf, have made it possible to create a high quality blend.

The organic coffee Dicaf is rich in taste and properties because its crops are free of chemicals, they do not resort to pesticides and the defence against insects and weeds is made through the use of other insects; fertilizers of mineral and vegetal origins are used and the fertility of the soil is maintained and strengthened with natural fertilizers by applying correct agronomic practices.

Dicaf has also shown great attention to the environment in the coffee roasting process by choosing to install, among the first roasters in Italy, the Reicat catalyst which allows to get a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, the elimination of fumes and smells and a net energy savings (about 50% compared to existent technologies)

The history of Dicaf shows that great advantages are obtained by integrating production efficiency, people’s well-being and air quality.