The Ghigo family has been working with coffee since the mid-1940s, when they opened their factory in the town of Bra in the Cuneo region of Piedmont in Northern Italy.

Our history has constantly evolved both technologically and in terms of our produce, which brought us, in 1987, to found DICAF spa: a different name but the same attention and dedication to primary materials, from its production to the resulting product that we offer to our clients.

foto_storia_1Over the years we have come to obtain unique and special coffee blends. The range of our products has grown with us: besides our Traditional, Selection and Special Bar ranges, we also produce decaffeinated coffee, organic coffee and flavoured coffee pods.

foto_storia_2Our blends are made from the highest quality coffee, which originates from Ethiopia and Central and South America (particularly Brazil) for the Arabica beans; for the Robusta beans the Indian Kapi Royal.
In order to satisfy those with particular requirements, we have created a line of organically farmed products; ground, in granules and in pods.

Our clients are principally cafés and restaurants, but we also supply family packages for those who wish to bring their favourite cup of coffee back home with them.

The supply chain is always monitored: we choose only the beans that we know will maintain all the notes of their flavours and aromatic undertones, in sufficient quantities to give consistency to our product.

foto_storia_3To provide the most complete service possible, our offering includes many food products (sweeteners, sugar, chocolate, orzo coffee, ginseng, coffee cream, etc.) and complementary accessories for the activities of our clients: cups, napkins and branded DICAF objects.

Moreover we take care of the routine maintenance of the equipment, which we supply on extended loan, free of charge.