We are pleased to say that we don’t only offer coffee. Because besides our main product and our other complementary offerings (Freecaf, orzo, flavoured coffees etc.) we also offer baristas and restauranteurs a series of services, so that they are able to carry out their work to their best of their ability and with added satisfaction.

  • Local agents pass by each week, continuously trained in both the marketing of the products and the technical aspects
  • Extended loan usage of the machinery (coffee machine, coffee grinder, orzo and ginseng machine, ice coffee machine, purifiers for the coffee machines etc.)
  • Maintenance of the machinery
  • Supply of cups, napkins, napkin holders, clocks, change trays, sample displays, all with the DICAF branding and with advice on how to personalise your own business locale.
  • Supply of sweetener, sugar, chocolate dust, confectionery etc…


Our offering is completed by our courses: organized near to you or at our headquarters (based on demand), these courses are on how to run a café, milk art, coffee roasting and many other subdivisions at basic and improvers levels.

Contact us for more information on our courses: