For the coffee, by the coffee - the best is Dicaf

The company

The Ghigo family has been working with coffee since the 1940s. And they work with passion.More info


Coffee, decaf, organic, in granules, in pods. Discover all we have to offer. More info


Not only coffee but many other products for your clients. More info


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As good in the home
as in the café

Discover these three exquisite Dicaf blends: mocha, organic and organic decaf to savour in your own home.
You can find them in all the cafés that serve our coffee or in the company store.

The product

Delicate undertones for timeless drinks.

When you wish to try out a new flavour, without giving up the pleasure of a good cup of coffee or your beloved mug of orzo, you know it’s the right time for a flavoured espresso.
Sample our new coffee pods in hazelnut, ginseng, amaretto, maple syrup and caramel.

Our brand

Majestic: quality coffee

From the fusion of the Ghigo family experience and the nuances of a small, but renowned, local coffee roasting factory, is born the Majestic line: two special blends, for connoisseurs or simply for those who consider coffee to be their favourite drink.